Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pet Blogging Suggestions

I'm a proud #petparent today because Zoey was chosen as Catster's Diary of the Day pick.  Check out Catster's Diary option if you like to blog about your cats and you can get a following of cat lovers pretty quickly.  You can also write about your pets with Dogster's Diary or Goodreads Writings feature and then share your posts on Google+, Pinterest (only if you have a picture on your blog post), Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Delicious in a matter of moments!

Buffer is a great tool to use to share your posts at optimal times, and Bit.ly can be used to shorten your links and track their clicks.  Don't get discouraged...it can take quite awhile to find your voice and gain a following, but if you stick with it and write about your own experiences, you can succeed.

Have other ways to promote pet blogging or pet adoption?  Let me know!  I am a strong believer in promoting pet adoption and hope that I can convince at least one person to save a shelter pet by sharing stories of my lovable dog and cats.  If you would like help to promote your pet blog, let me know and I'll look at it and let you know if I can help by promotion or suggestions.

Want to learn about our other cat, Seph?  Click here to visit his page!

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