Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finding Volunteer Opportunities That Fit YOUR Schedule

Not everyone has a lot of free time, but there are ways to create social change without even leaving your couch.  Here are 3 of my favorite sites that have thousands of volunteer opportunities, yet make it very easy to find only those that are most relevant to you.

1. Change.org is a site for U.S. citizens to create petitions to the government.   Once you sign up, it only takes a few seconds to add your names to petitions created by people all over the country.  People start petitions for all types of reasons and the amount of signatures and potential media attention have had some have really helped out people in very real ways.  Check my profile to see what I've supported in the past.

2. VolunteerMatch is a site where nonprofits and corporations can post their volunteer opportunities.  Thousands of opportunities are listed all over the country and there are even virtual opportunities for you to do on your own computer right at home!  You can also create a profile there that links to your other social media sites and helps to find volunteer opportunities for you based on your own interests.

3.  Idealist is a site that lists both volunteer and career opportunities from nonprofit organizations.  It is a good supplement to Linkedin that helps you connect with people and organizations that have similar interests and beliefs.  You can find my profile here and create your own profile too.

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