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Pearl is a curious pup
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My name is Pearl.  I'm about 1 year old and Mom thinks I'm a mix between a Whippet and a Jack Russell Terrier, but I was taken from my birth parents very young so we can't be sure.  I hate being alone, even for a minute, because I was an abandoned puppy.  My older brother, Kita, makes me feel better, because he rarely leaves me, and if I cry he runs to check on me.  We like to wrestle and play, and he teaches me new tricks all of the time.  I think I'm smarter than him, but he seems to know a lot and keeps me in line when I start to get into trouble, which is pretty often!


Mom and Dad were unsure of how to handle me at first, but they are doing much better. Here are some of the sites that they used to learn more about how to raise a puppy like me:

I am so lucky to have found a good home after being abandoned as a baby.  Please tell everyone you know that they should not buy puppies from pet stores. Puppy mills sound very scary and there are so many great dogs like me in shelters that will die if they don't find new homes. Find out more about puppy mills and how we can help get rid of them here.

Pearl has met her match!

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   Here are some sites to learn more about dogs, including breed information and ways to help other dogs!

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