Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Share my Love of Reading

I love my Kindle that I got a year and a half ago, but I have always loved books.  A good book can make you rethink everything you ever thought you knew. When people insist that they need to have a book in their hands and can not switch to a Kindle  I disagree for a few reasons.  It isn't the feel of the pages that makes a book come alive.  It is the words of the author.  Storytelling has existed much longer than books have been around, whether spoken, sang or shared on other materials.  E-Readers give us the luxury of being able to have hundreds (or more) of books at our very fingertips, the advantage of being able to buy a new book the moment it is released without fighting in the stores, and the ability to choose a book
with a simple flick of the finger.  I can now get books for free without waiting months for the library's copy to become available.

There are, however, legitimate reasons to be wary of this type of technology.  Namely, the way that they and similar materials (I-phones, Androids, etc.)  are produced and their effect on human rights worldwide.  This is not the fault of the technology, but the result of corporations opting to save money for themselves rather than to help boost the lives of their workers.  Corporations in this aspect are wrong, both for outsourcing their work to other countries to save a buck, and by refusing to take responsibility for the working conditions in their factories overseas.  Instead of feeling guilty for having these luxuries at such an expense, make up for it by spreading the word of these abuses.  Visit Change.org and sign petitions calling on corporate responsibility; become familiar with organizations such as Oxfam that challenge these practices, and spread the word to the corporations on your own social media sites that their recklessness has to stop.  Wouldn't we all agree to pay a few more dollars for this amazing technology if it meant saving the lives of the people making them?  I know that I would.

Above are only some of the books that I have enjoyed over the years.  What books have had the largest affect on your life?  If you use the social networking site Goodreads, please look for my profile here.

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