Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kita the Husky loves Cartoons

When Kita was about a year old, we realized that he had an interest in cartoons. Turn on the Simpsons and he would be mesmerized. Now we leave Cartoon Network on for him when we leave the room, and he often jumps up on to the couch and stares directly at the TV.   He also will watch Animal Planet for short amounts of time, but really only if he hears a dog or cat and it gets his attention. At first I thought it was a coincidence and he was just looking in the direction of the TV, but he sometimes reacts to things that happen by moving his head or adjusting his eyes or ears. He also stares directly at me as if I'm forgetting something if I turn off the TV before I leave the room.

Watching TV is only one of his strange habits. He actually hates to be left alone for long periods of time, but if his cat buddy Seph is in the room with him, he is perfectly content. While Seph sleeps in his favorite box (Don't even ask!), Kita lays as close to the box as he possibly can. His love for that cat amazes me, because it is not exactly mutual admiration. Kita gets concerned that everyone is having fun and leaving him out, because if all of us are in a different room than him, he stands by his baby gate with the saddest eyes. Those blue eyes get us every time and he knows it and uses it to his advantage regularly, including when he is begging for scraps. It is a very unfair tactic on his part, but its also our fault for giving in more often than we should!

Want to get to know Kita better? Click here to visit his page!

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