Thursday, June 13, 2013

Need a babysitter? Get a cat!

Seph takes a cat nap.

 Our tuxedo cat, Seph, came into our lives as a stray in the summer of 2007.  At that time, the vet guessed he was about 7 years old, but of course, there is no way to really know.  Seph is the only pet we trust to have full access to the house at all times, because he never gets into anything.  If we are away for a night or more, the second we walk through that door, he is meowing at us loudly.  Then he ignores us for awhile to show just how angry he is for leaving in the first place.
Kita and Seph watch out the window.
Seph is also the moderator between Kita and Zoey.  If Zoey ventures out by Kita, Seph sits in between them so they don't get in a spat.  When Kita goes outside, Zoey will attempt to steal his food (yes, Zoey loves any food at all, including dog food).  Lately, I guess Seph had enough of this because he has started to sit by Kita's dish and smack Zoey if he comes too close to it.  He also swats the dog if he is annoying us too much, but this is obviously just to make sure our laps are open for him to sit with us.

Every morning, Seph wakes me up for work around 8, as his food schedule is very important to him. After he eats, he checks on Kita, Zoey and our tortoise, Morty by going right up to each cage and looking in, and then settles down in front of a window with a good view.  During storms or if he hears loud noises outside at night, he abandons his spot at the end of our bed to lay in the hallway to have a good view of the rooms that the rest of us are in.  We never have to worry, because Seph is making sure we are safe and sound at all times.

Want to learn more about Seph?  Click here to visit his page!

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