Friday, June 14, 2013

If they are working together...

They are up to no good.

 Our cats play together and cuddle on cold days, but overall they prefer to each be around one of us.  When neither can be found or if they are simply laying facing each other, we have to start paying attention, because there is a good chance that they are being co-conspirators.

Example 1:  Years ago, we lived in a small split-level house and had only a blow-up mattress to sleep on.  The cats were used to sleeping at the edge of our bed, but we were concerned that their claws would put holes in the bed, so we had to close them out of the room.  Somehow, every morning we would wake up with 2 cats on the bed.  We began to stack things in front of the door that we thought they'd be physically unable to move, yet somehow both of those cats would figure out how to get into the room under any circumstances.

Zoey After eating half a bag of cat food
Example 2:  If there is a cat food bag somewhere where it is accessible to them, you can bet that one or both of those cats is eating.  Zoey is a bit of a piggy, so it is usually him sitting in a bag or box that we forgot to close and eating everything around him.  If that's the case, Seph's behavior is dependent on whether he likes that particular food.  If he likes it, he'll stand guard so that he can eat some next.  If he isn't a fan, he will come to one of us and meow until we follow him straight to the culprit.  He's also tattled on Zoey if he is on a piece of furniture that he isn't allowed to be on. 

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