Friday, June 28, 2013

If you have a minute...

Here is a new list of some amazingly simple things you can do online to help others:

Be a critic.  Start reviewing your favorite obscure books, movies, and small businesses to help them gain more customers.  Some sites that will let you start reviewing at are Google, Amazon, Yelp, IMDB, and Goodreads.

Be an expert.  Join a Google+ Community for a topic that you know a lot about.  If people post questions to the community, try to answer and help them out, or regularly offer general tips on the topic of choice.

Promote Adoptable Animals
Featured Pet ModuleAdd a Petfinder widget to your site to help promote adoptable animals.  If you need help with this, contact me and I can walk you through the steps online.

Donate Items.  On Amazon, you can find wishlists for animal shelters & nonprofits.  Keep up with their wishlists and buy items when they go on sale on Amazon (you can ask friends & coworkers to chip in).  Then drop off or send your donations.

Share your favorite websites with the world.  Join StumbleUpon and add sites that you love but haven't gone viral yet.  Rate the sites that other people have added to help drive traffic to sites that you like.

If you have other suggestions on easy ways to help others, please let me know and I'll post them next week.

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