Saturday, June 29, 2013


What is it about cats & cardboard boxes? Our cat Seph immediately marks any box that we bring into the house by rubbing the side of his mouth on it, and as a result, we have numerous boxes with no purpose for them other than to avoid him getting upset that we moved them.  We have found that despite the cat tree, window perch, and cat beds we have gotten him, he is much more interested in cardboard boxes. The box in the picture to the left and bottom right is where he goes when he is mad that Chris has left the house and forgot to say goodbye.

The box that he is laying in on the picture above was placed on a living room chair one day to get it out of the way.  We saw that he liked it, so we put a towel in it for him.  Since then, we cannot move the box without him sitting on the chair and staring at us until it is moved back.  In fact, if we even take the towel out to wash it, he walks around meowing at us until we put the blanket back.  Then of course, he is mad that the towel lost its scent.  We also can't place him in the box; it has to be his decision to go in there or he has no interest at all.  We do, however, find it pretty funny when Kita tries to peak in the box and Seph jumps out and hits him on the head (he doesn't use his claws, so Kita doesn't get hurt).  Are your cats this ridiculous or did we just get lucky?

Want to learn more about Seph?  Click here to visit his page!

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