Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Keystone XL Pipeline

Stop the Keystone XL pipeline - League of Conservation Voters
I don't support the Keystone Pipeline for a variety of reasons.  I never have.  As much as I'd like to write out my own opinion on the issue today as the time for a decision from President Obama is needed very soon, I am quite ill and don't believe that I could do the issue justice.  Instead, I urge anyone on the fence about the issue to watch this segment from The Ed Show on MSNBC today.  Ed Schulz, the host, was a supporter of the pipeline until he spoke to the people that would truly be affected by oil spills.  Basically, the benefits of the pipeline would not even come close to comparing to the potential risks.

If you care about the environment, climate change, and the general well-being of American citizens that would face the risk of water contamination, please take a moment to sign this petition to Secretary of State John Kerry created by the League of Conservation Voters.  This issue is too important to ignore.

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