Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Dogs

Kita after the groomer.
Kita looking pretty after getting groomed.
Kita is a purebred Siberian Husky and, true to his breed, loves Ohio winters.  The first big snowfall this year led to his obsession with going outside as often as possible after he noticed the snow while looking out the window.  Luckily Chris doesn't mind taking him out in the cold weather, because I hate being out in the cold. This is Pearl's first winter and despite being a short-haired small dog with tiny paws that can freeze, she is also enamored with the snow.  Kita was more than willing to show her just how fun the snow can be as they played and rolled around in our backyard last week, but even he grew tired as she ran around in circles without slowing down for a second.

Pearl plays with her tennis ball.
Pearl has so much energy that it is tough
to get a still photo of her!
I'm amazed by Pearl's high energy level and wonder if she will ever calm down.  Nonetheless, she is becoming an integral part of the family and is easily Kita's favorite companion.  Pearl can be a bit rough with her big brother, but he is handling it in stride and is careful to never hurt her despite his much larger size.  They love to play tug of war with any toy that they can find, but it often leads to wrestling, so they need constant supervision during their playtime. We swap out toys from the closet and once they haven't seen a toy in a week or more it is as exciting as the first time they ever saw it, and since they have a ridiculous amount of toys, every day is like Christmas for them.

Dogs are a constant reminder to enjoy every moment of every day, and their excitement is contagious.  I look forward to spoiling them with rawhides, Kongs and stuffed animals this Holiday season with trips to Petsmart and Pet People.

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