Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fellow Pet Parents in the U.S., please take a moment to help protect our beloved pets.

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I just posted a comment on Regulations.gov to let them know that I support stricter pet product guidelines.  The Docket # is 2011-N-0922

You can find more information on this issue at Care2 by reading this article.

This is what I posted in my comment to the FDA:

Please help protect our beloved family members. Some people choose to take care of animals as opposed to having children and these pets bring us constant love and happiness. We give these pets everything to make them happy, and the thought that giving them a treat to bring them momentary happiness could kill them is devastating. As more animals that are killed from tainted pet products, people will stop buying their pets treats. It is simply not worth the risk of losing our beloved pets. Manufacturers should understand that even if they do not care about how their products can harm our pets, their profits will dwindle as people stop to buy their products. Please consider this from both a compassionate and practical viewpoint, and enforce stricter guidelines on pet products to ensure their safety.

A rawhide is not worth Kita's life
I also shared this photo of Kita on the FDA's website. I hope they realize that this rawhide is not worth his life.

Please take a moment to visit the FDA's site and let them know how you feel about your pets and the importance of stricter guidelines on pet products to you and your family.

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