Monday, September 2, 2013

Traveling with Cats

Zoey and Seph came along for the ride when we drove from Ohio to New Hampshire, a VERY long drive. Of course, Zoey is as afraid of being in the car as he is of anything else new, so he was quiet in his carrier for most of the ride.  Seph, however, is not a fan of being in a crate, so he the same pitch the entire time.  Meow Meow Meow. We tried pleading, scolding, listening to music, talking loudly, complete silence, but nothing made him stop.  We were driving through New York late at night and both of us were exhausted.  We got off at an exit and stopped at some hotels.  None of them accepted pets and we refused to leave them alone in the car, so our only option was to drive to the nearest rest stop and sleep in the car. Since the car wasn't moving, we let the cats out of their carriers.  While Zoey chose to stay in his carrier anyway, Seph laid on our dashboard and kept watch over us for the night, never making a sound.  The next morning, both cats were once again locked in their carriers and we got on the road again.  Seph, once again, meowed the entire ride, but this time we weren't quite as annoyed.  Now we simply try to avoid car trips with the cats as much as possible, which is just fine with them as long as we aren't gone too long and we leave them enough food!

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