Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kita & Doggy Daycare

Around election time, if Chris and I are working a lot of hours, we take Kita to Petsmart's Doggy Daycare a few times a week.  We had brought him to a different daycare a few times, but they only let the dogs play about an hour a day and he wasn't all that excited to go back.  That is not the case with Petsmart.  Kita is as happy as a kid at Christmas if he even thinks that we are going to Petsmart.  He has learned the name of the store, and certain stores and signs on our drive trigger his assurance that we are, in fact, going there.

Kita howling excitedly.
When Kita is excited, he howls.
Once we get in the store, Kita pulls us directly through all of the food and toys and into the doggy daycare attached to the store.  He has a few favorite dog-sitters there, and if he sees them before we check in, he starts jumping around excitedly and gives them kisses.  Once he is checked in and taken out of the front room, he couldn't be happier to get to the playroom immediately and doesn't give us another thought.  They let the dogs there play for 7 hours with just a 1 hour lunch break, so Kita is sufficiently worn out by the time we pick him up in the evening.  They give us a card telling us about his behavior for the day and which dogs he made friends with.  We hear that Kita is one of 
the most popular dogs there, and he tries to get all of the dogs involved in 
whatever they are playing.

Kita shows how happy he is for the cameraThis doesn't surprise us a bit, because Kita is a social butterfly that loves to meet all new people and animals.  On walks, we have to talk to everyone, because he wants to greet every person and dog he sees. This started as a puppy, because bad as he was, he was an adorable pup with soft fur and everyone would rush to meet him.  Now some of our neighbors still call him "the prettiest dog in the neighborhood", but Kita doesn't get quite the same amount of excitement out of new people.  Regardless, he gets compliments a lot and couldn't be happier about someone petting him and telling him how handsome he is and I can't help but agree.  Just know that if you adopt a Husky, you will have to talk to people a lot about your dog as people don't see them everyday and have a lot of questions about the breed.

Want to get to know Kita better?  Click here to visit his page!

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