Friday, July 5, 2013

Why I'm Not a Fan of Fireworks

After dealing with fireworks for two nights in a row, I must say that my tolerance for them is even less than before.  Due to budget cuts, our town chose to cancel the official fireworks show this year.  As a result, there were more amateur fireworks than usual.  In Ohio, it is legal to buy fireworks, but illegal to set them off, which is just one of many laws in the state that are completely perplexing to me.  Regardless, each year, people set them off everywhere without suffering legal consequences.  I believe that people should not be legally barred for doing anything that does not harm anyone other than themselves, but most of the time there are kids and pets nearby as they go off, leading to potential endangerment.
All of our pet's ears move to the side or
back when startled
There were more fireworks last night and they were louder (and closer) than the night before.  Kita refused to go outside last night after a few fireworks had gone off.  When we managed to drag him out and put him on his leash, he would not move from directly outside the door.  As a result, he went to bed without going to the bathroom, whined this morning, and is still refusing to venture into the yard.  Zoey hid in my closet while the fireworks were going off.  Seph behaved very strangely; his eyes grew large with each sound and his heart was beating rapidly.  He made sure that all of us were under his constant supervision last night, so he didn't take his evening naps.  Unfortunately, this didn't cause him to postpone his 7 AM breakfast time!

What really matters is that all of us are safe at home, and I am grateful for that.  Hopefully the fireworks won't continue throughout the weekend, but it is very possible, based on past experience, that they will. As long as no one gets hurt, I can't complain much.

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