Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reconsidering Youtube Channels

If you created your Youtube channel a long time ago or if you have never set one up, you may want to look into it now.  I edited my channel yesterday in about 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, I don't have many videos to post yet, but I plan to start taking more so I want to make sure that my youtube channel isn't stagnant.

My advice is to add a picture, feature some of your favorite youtubers (mine were mostly nonprofit organizations that I support, admire or work with), and link your other social media sites.  If you have videos floating around in your phone or computer, spend a little time uploading them to the site and see if you get any views.  You can also get analytics of your views to figure out where the viewers are coming from (the site they linked from, the country they are in, the date of their viewing).

It's easier than you think.  You can check mine out for ideas and I'd love new subscribers!

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